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  • The Power of Fishing Magnets

    The issue of”what is the most popular fishing magnet” may not have been taken seriously by sport fisherman for quite some time, but in the last several years, with the advent of solid metal alloys, the question has been addressed in an entirely new light. This means is the same alloys utilized to your normal […]

  • Neodymium magnets

    neodymium Rare Earth Magnets Mine

    And Their Market The sales process that involves Neodymium magnets, from its extraction to its sale in the future is a tangled process. As the demand for electric vehicles increases as does the supply of this rare earth metal. Last year, the demand for neodymium across the world was higher than the supply by more […]

  • Magnetic Salvage Fishing

    You can find treasure using magnetic salvage fishing magnets. The majority of towns have some kind of water and you could use them to comb through it to look for old treasures. If you live in an old town, it’s best to visit it during the daytime. It is possible to find treasures left behind by […]

  • Journey Into Magnet Fishing

    Magnet fishing can be a lot of fun and is beneficial for the environment. By removing junk from the water the magnet fishing process makes it safer for everyone to swim in. This method of fishing doesn’t cause harm to the fish. Anything that has iron will attract magnets. This includes old shoes and sunken treasure. […]