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  • Security and U.S. Industries

    According to recent investigations by Bureau of Industry and Security, U.S. Industries have discovered that unfair trade practices are common in U.S. industry who use neodymium bar magnets in their daily production. These practices have adversely affected U.S. manufacturing as well as consumer protection. Additionally, neodymium bar magnets are used for critical infrastructure and manufacturing sectors such as dams […]

  • Many Kinds of Magnets

    There are many kinds of magnets available for sale. Some are more durable and some are less. A neodymium (or neodymium) magnet has the strength that can hold ten men. This type magnets, which measures approximately one-half-inch in size, has a 15-pound pull. A magnetic cube is a great addition to your fridge or bulletin […]

  • The Power of Fishing Magnets

    The question of”what is the most popular fishing magnet” may happen to be taken seriously by sport fisherman for quite some time, but in the last several years, with the advent of strong metallic alloys, the question was addressed in an entirely new light. What this means is that the very same metals utilized to […]